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Richard Heys



Richard Heys works primarily as a painter and sculptor. He explores the suggestive nature of colour and form and the substance of paint and ground. Through his search for meaning and authenticity, painting becomes an essential expression of individuality and spirit for Richard. Each artwork is a statement arrived at through a long process accomplished by means of opaque and transparent layering. Absences and removals build tensions and a wealth of texture and meaning as one state supersedes another. The finished piece offers a new vantage point, a new "countenance" in the world, unique and radiant.

Richard is well travelled, and the landscapes and cityscapes he has visited appear throughout his work. "The elemental mood of places appears, often before I recognise it. I engage with music, literature and poetry to unlock my imagination, seeing them as keys to spaces beyond the everyday. As a sculptor, I engage with natural materials, creating work to complement and enhance the surrounding natural or built environment. I establish a conversation between the sculpture and its surroundings, working with light and shade, the hidden and the seen and outer and inner through engaging the public to view the piece from different vantage points. I teach clay modelling to teacher trainees and nature phenomenological studies to sculpture students. I am passionate about learning and teaching the language of form through nature observation. Drawing and studying the landscape and plant metamorphosis is a fundamental part of my artistic practice as is my awareness of contemporary praxis and thought, the dynamic between nature culture and human culture constantly feeds into my studio practice."

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