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René Rikkelman



René Rikkelman is a sculptor and painter from Amsterdam. At a young age, Rene became fascinated by drawing and painting and modelled figurines from clay. He studied at the Academy of Advertising Design and went onto work in advertising and decoration painting for 12 years. In 1988 he decided to concentrate on his own work and life as a professional independent artist started.

René creates his sculptures by first modelling them in wax or clay and then casting them in bronze. His works are often stylized figures in which he is searching for a seductive line or a sensual shape. Apart from the form, he gives the patina of his sculptures a lot of attention and enjoys experimenting with how acids interact with his chosen materials.

In his paintings, the versatility of styles comes primarily from the technique of painting. For instance, what happens when you thicken the paint or make it more liquid and whether you paint with hard bristles or a soft brush? How is a brushstroke placed in just the right spot and applied with such apparent ease? How flowing a line can be? These are some of the questions which fascinate René Rikkelman. The artist has exhibited his work widely through Amsterdam and has also participated in international shows.

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