Renate Gaisser



Many artists working in the area of figurative-objective representations of landscapes employ photographic templates. A special moment, a specific climatic constellation, rapidly changing cloud formations, suddenly emerging light reflexes on surfaces are captured on film or digitally saved and stored in vast quantities. This information can be accessed at any time in a domestic atelier setting in order to combine temporally and locally disparate visual impressions in the process of pictorial creation. Closer inspection of paintings generated by this process often reveals to the eye a certain motionless `flatness´. In this context, the term `flatness´ carries a dual meaning. In the formal sense it implies the absence of differentiated details, exciting composition and creation of spatial depth. In the figurative sense, contemplating the natural landscape spread out before us, it indicates the complete loss of soulfulness as well as insight into nature. In her paintings and drawings, Renate Gaisser has always adopted an opposing position. Consequently, when working outside in natural surroundings sur le motif, her often large-scale paintings are not the result of an intermittent approach based on preliminary sketches as practised by romantic landscape artists such as Caspar David Friedrich in order to subsequently continue and complete work in an atelier. Nature itself represents the studio of Renate Gaisser! Selecting potential sites and interesting motif constellations, the artist -equipped with canvases, paint and easel - exposes herself for hours and hours in wind and weather to this intense experience of nature. In contrast to fixed sketches, drawings or photographic templates used by different artists, inevitably light and shadow continuously change during the course of the working day. Depending on the position of the sun or cloudiness, temperatures change and different scents of water, soil and plants emerge stimulating multiple senses leading to a synaesthetic flow of awareness with results widely differing from mere intentional topographic representations. In concentrated sequences of related motifs, Renate Gaisser engages with the live view experienced in the natural environment. Irrespective of whether we are confronted with winter impressions of dried blades of grass or summery divergently flowing water plants set in the midst of lilies and lines, abstract compositions can be easily perceived in the paintings as well. In these arrangements, recurrent questions addressing the pictorial structure resurface, including consolidation and separation, brightness and darkness, colour transitions of shadows, space and periphery, dynamics and solidification, chaos and order. Formally submerged in the manifold nature of water-plant-formations that seem uncontained, overflowing the picture frames albeit at the same time captured in dried oil paint, the viewer loses themselves utterly within the depths and recesses of the therein mirrored nature. (Clemens Ottnad)

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