Rebecca Newport

United Kingdom


Rebecca Newport is an abstract painter from London, UK.

 From a young age Rebecca began to paint and draw patterns. Some of her earliest memories were of prints on clothes and wallpapers. It was no surprise then when later in life she went to study a degree in Textile design at Chelsea College, The University of Arts London, selling her final collections to catwalk designers Calvin Klein and Guess.

 On graduating Rebecca continued to paint alongside working in fashion buying and most recently as a photographic stylist.

Working with a variety of acrylic mediums and mixed media, each work explores Rebecca’s passion for colour and form. Her creative process includes mark making, pattering and layering paint to creative her signature look. She paints spontaneously and intuitively trying not to focus on the end result too much, letting the brush marks, splotches and spills occur. Often they will become part of the work itself, which is a process that Rebecca loves.

 Her aim is to create work that brings positivity and joy into people’s homes through her passion for colour.

She lives in the London suburb of Kew Gardens with her husband and son.

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Artwork by Rebecca Newport