Ralph Kiggell

United Kingdom

Minimalist Contemporary Folk Art
Minimalist Contemporary Folk Art

Ralph Kiggell is a British artist who was born in Africa. He receives extensive training in woodblock printing from Toshi Yoshida Tokyo, Kyoto Seika University in Kyoto and Tama Art University in Tokyo. He was also visiting artist to Bangkok University; Sichuen Institute of Fine Art, China; and Silpakorn University, Thailand. His works are collected by private and institutional collectors worldwide including the British Library, London; Central Art Gallery, Kuala Lumpur; National Library of Wales, Wales; United States Library of Congress, Washington DC, USA and etc. Artist's Statement Kiggell was drawn to woodblock printing for several reasons. One reason is that he was interested in the Japanese aesthetic, which is superbly represented in Japanese woodblock prints of the last 400 years. Another is that, as any artist who has printed knows, there is something compelling about carving a design on one material and transferring it to another. Woodblock printing uses natural materials and is sensitive to the environment. Kiggell’s woodblock print is contemporary in its technique and aesthetics. Living in the tropical country in Thailand, Kiggell is inspired by his surroundings which reflects in the visual cues of his printmaking.

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