Pure Evil

United Kingdom

Pure Evil was born in South Wales and studied fashion and graphics in London. After he graduated from school, he moved to California where his street art began. After 10 years in America (and heavily influenced by artists like Twist, Reminisce and skate art) he returned to London and the fanged bunny rabbits became his trademark signature. He currently resides in Shoreditch. A lot of his work is related to American identity. He loves the USA and the American landscape. His work is also politically driven. He has stated, “I think if you can say anything then why not say SOMETHING?” and "I’m not really interested in being subtle. I want to make people look; I welcome the conflict." In May 2012 Pure Evil appeared on the prime time BBC show The Apprentice, where he took part in an urban art task, this led to a huge increase in interest for his work. In August 2013 he appeared on Channel 4's programme Four Rooms during which he presented a portrait of Kate Middleton called ‘Prince William’s Nightmare’ which was well received by three of the four dealers. He also explained that his ‘Nightmare’ series is really about tension within relationships and that love/hate factor. Recently he collaborated with Royal Doulton. The feature included some of his famous series such as the Nightmare pieces, Neon Butterfly and Beautiful Things.

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