Precious Murphy

United Kingdom


Precious Murphy is a Brighton-based visual artist. He uses a vocabulary of symbols, shapes, lines and colour to create playful, bright images that blend technology, art deco and Nordic design. Inspired by travel, music and global cultures, Murphy says, "from an early age, my Mother made sure that my sister and I were exposed to the arts. She always taught us to listen to music with our eyes closed and look up at buildings in the city. Thanks to her appetite for artefacts, books and music, I became aware of people such as Frank Lloyd Wright,The Beatles and Erté. Not a bad start to a life of creativity."  At school he discovered a love for symmetry and precision in Technical Drawing and an obsession with the world in Geography - two influences that combine within his prints. Further, he lists influences such as Charles Rennie Mackintosh and his wife Margaret McDonald, the Bauhaus movement, Joan Brossa, Mark Wardel, Pedro Almodóvar, Depeche Mode, James Rosenquist and Zaha Hadid.

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Battersea, London: 21 - 24 October 2021
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