Praween Piangchoompu



Born in 1989 in the northern province of Thailand, Praween studied printmaking in prestigious art institution in Thailand, Silpakorn University. He has received numerous international awards in his career. In 2019, he was awarded Special Jury prize from Indonesia Print Triennale Competition. In 2016, the winner in Poland’s Print Biennale and ASEAN Art Competition in Vietnam as well as Honorable Mention in Biennale Print Exhibit from National Taiwan Museum of Fine Arts. In 2015, Print prize from China’s Guanlan Print Biennial, Prize Winners Semi Grand-Prix from Tokyo International Mini-Print Triennial, Silver medal from National Exhibition of Art, Thailand and Distinguished prize from PTT Art Exhibition Thailand. Praween has exhibited his work locally and internationally in Thailand, China, Taiwan, Japan, Korea, Indonesia, Spain, Norway, Singapore, Hong Kong, and the USA. Artist's Statement Originated in the ancient era in East Asia to create books and images, the woodcut printing is the method that creates ‘relief’ pattern. The area that is carved out appears on the finished print as ‘white’ while the original surface level appears as ‘black’. The relief process is done by hand; either with knife, chisel, or sandpaper. Unique from his contemporaries, Praween Piangchoompu creates artwork using sandpaper to evenly and slightly remove surface of the wood. In his work, there is no stark contrast of black and white lines. Printing in subtle color, he systematically applies different tonal values and shades of the same color onto the different level of the surface to create layered images that exudes a smooth and soft finish. The serene nature of Praween's artwork symbolizes a feeling of peacefulness in one’s mind. His simple composition is accentuated by the gradual shade of lights. The presence of light in his work has a reference to the purity of the mind. Piangchoompu’s work process serves as a mean for him to manage the stress in daily life while questing for the equilibrium of the mind. Praween’s artwork highlights the polarity between complex process and simple visual aesthetics. Achieved by painstakingly scraping, scrubbing and carving the surface of a woodblock, his artwork requires multiple printing processes to create multi shading of the same color. Precision, accuracy and patience are essential in this complicated art making process.

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