Poppy Faun

United Kingdom

Poppy Faun is a artist and graphic designer who lives and works in Brighton. Poppy’s collages often features 1960’s and 1970’s images and she often spends her days searching through flee markets collecting idiosyncratic magazines and postcards then transfigures them into aesthetic perfection. Poppy’s work draws on the idea of escapism, with images of cut-outs bare an image of floating through the cosmos, make something quite classic feel futuristic and otherworldly. She deems this chapter in history as a time of purity where social media wasn’t present, and life was simpler. Poppy has worked on commissions for major brands all around the world including Playboy.com and Mytho Series. She also worked worked on a collaboration for Craft Cans. She has exhibited next to the likes of Tracy Emin, Lucy Sparrow and Banksy. She has worked with many bands on cover releases including Egyptian Blue (UK), The Ferns (UK), FAIRE (France) and The Buttertones (US). Acknowledging music and art as two very connected entities she hopes to continue collaborating with musicians, supporting both other up and coming creatives.

Galleries Showing Poppy Faun’s Work

Artwork by Poppy Faun