Polly Dutton

United Kingdom

Abstract Expressionist Contemporary
Abstract Expressionist Contemporary

Polly’s abstract realism paintings are inspired by her environment. She expresses her emotional response to a time and place as well as the particular energy of the weather and the light. She endeavours to capture the essence and the sense of a place rather than a realistic representation. Initially Polly works outside in the landscape and create sketches and written note. She focuses on the light, the sounds surrounding her and the energy of the space. Polly also creates purely abstract work which reflect her internal landscape and response to music, poetry and sounds. She works with a variety of material intuitively with a focus on process. Initially, no conscious thought is given to the work as she adds layers of paint or other materials. Once she reaches appoint where the work ‘feels’ right she will begin the process of refinement with much more conscious cognition. Her paintings are with private collectors throughout the UK, Europe, US and Australia.

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