Phoebe Steer

United Kingdom

Pop Art Minimalist Typographic
Pop Art Minimalist Typographic

“I am playing on a contrast between the opiate crisis and Juul pods, the latter of which was almost banned under the Trump administration; I want to display the irony of the near banning of these vapes in comparison to the unaddressed opiate crisis that haunts America.”

Emerging and self-taught artist Phoebe Steer's paintings create a humorous social commentary on big pharma, capitalism, consumerism and drug addiction. Steer started painting at a young age and has always had an interest in politics and culture which is reflected in her work. Phoebe lives and works in London, UK. Phoebe is one of younger emerging artists. Phoebe practice is very much part of her life and she is creating works that challenge society's norms.

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