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Abstract Contemporary
Abstract Contemporary

Philippe Roussel is a French painter born in Nîmes, France in 1963. He is a member of the ‘Taylor Foundation for Art’ in Paris and of the group ‘les Contemporains Parallèles’ and referenced in the ‘ Guide Akoun Quotation Painters ‘. Roussel gives painting classes to other artist who are looking for a semi figurative technique. Philippe uses acrylic to create his work as it suits his vigorous style and speed. As a younger artist he mainly painted figuratively, but as his painting progressed, he started to move more towards abstract painting. Philippe paintings constantly try to create the connection between his experience (or the trace that will be remembered) and what the beholder perceives. His aim with his technique is convey emotion through paint. The painting speak (probably more than others) of the artist’s history, his memories, his emotional sense of archeology; it begins to talk about the story of the man who discovered it as soon as he could open his eyes: memories overlap, emotions contradict, the events overlap, and landscapes intertwine. Philippe Roussel is represented by galleries in France, the UK and USA.

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