Philippe Guérin



Philippe Guérin is a painter / illustrator from Quebec. Following a university training in graphic design, Philippe specializes in illustration. The characters he developed in drawing during this training were subsequently transferred to his paintings. By combining a multitude of mediums, his works revolve around faces imbued with naivety in order to create a universe of his own. Each of his paintings is charged with a sensitive intensity which creates a strong contrast with the background which evokes both dreams and memories. This background builds by superimposing several layers of paint, stencils and different calligraphies come to challenge the viewer who will try to decipher it. The spontaneity of the spatulas combined with the richness of the textures brings the works to life. We can bet that you will not remain indifferent to his works.

Galleries Showing Philippe Guérin’s Work

Artwork by Philippe Guérin