Philippa Jeffrey

United Kingdom

Philippa Jeffrey studied Fine Art and History of Art at Leeds University in 1996.  She then moved to London where she worked as a fashion producer for Conde Nast Publications.  A couple of years ago, Philippa returned to her roots and began painting from her Oxfordshire studio. Using botanical prints as a starting point, Philippa has developed a visual language that incorporates layers of colour, pattern, and mark-making. She describes her works as “abstracted botanical paintings; a visual candy, as opposed to an overly verbalised aesthetic”. She also cites her decade of exposure to the worlds of fashion and magazines as having informed her vision; “You only need to look to the catwalk or glossy journals to see a similarly calculated approach – a deliberate and conscious decision to use a particular colour, a specific form.” Philippa uses water-based paints on a combination of board and canvas.

Galleries Showing Philippa Jeffrey’s Work

Artwork by Philippa Jeffrey