Petra Gell


Abstract (geometric)
Abstract (geometric)

"I’m interested in THE SPACE AROUND, what space can and does with you. I start with the experience and perception of specific places and urban constellations. A linear construct of colors and shapes emerges - an architecture to think for yourself. The site-specific paintings are characterized by a geometrically abstract design language, architectural elements and a clear color spectrum."

Born 1976 Linz, Austria Lives and works in Vienna 2003-2006 painting and graphics, Gunter Damisch, Academy of Fine Arts, Vienna 1997-2003 visual education, Markus Prachensky, Academy of Fine Arts, Vienna 1996-2003 design textiles, Josef Schulz, Academy of Fine Arts, Vienna 2001 Universita degli Studi di Roma La Sapienza 2018 Establishment of format: artist coach Since 2019 Member of MAERZ Linz Since 2018 Member of saloon Vienna, Network for women of Viennas art scene Since 2014 Member of Künstlerhaus Wien 2002–2017 Establishment of the artists collective ‚Die 4 Grazien‘ International exhibition participation and curatorial activities among others at VIENNA DESIGN WEEK, parallel Art Fair Vienna, Gallery MAERZ, MOM ART SPACE Hamburg, SWISS ART EXPO Zürich, basement Vienna, philomena+ Vienna, Galerie im Körnerpark Berlin, Taxispalais Kunsthalle Tirol, Kunsthaus 7B, Rumänien, Wikam, MAK Vienna, artmark Galerie, Vienna, Scope Basel, Galerie Wolfrum, Galerie Lukas Feichtner, Vienna, k/haus Vienna, Rathausgalerie Munich, ARTMUC, Munich, Contempory Istanbul, CAMP! Athens, CHEAPART artfair Cyprus, Athens, Amsterdam, Art Austria. She is represented in public and private collections.

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