Peter Pauko

United Kingdom

Peter Pauko was born in Martin, Slovakia in 1982. He studied Fine Art at UKF Nitra University and was led by exceptional personalities, such as surrealist professor Karol Baron and great Slovak artist Robert Bielik. Pauko’s paintings consist of portrait, landscape, figural compositions and zoomorphic motives. His artwork is extremely dynamic, with an explosive colour palette. Pauko had his first exhibition in 2004 and has since had his work presented at various solo and group exhibitions. He is currently based in Nitra where he dedicates his time to painting, drawing, installations and ceramics techniques. He also shares his acquired artistic and visual experience with his students, as he teaches Fine Art at Ateliér Médea, a private art school. From 2016, he became a member of the Arts Association SVVU.  

Galleries Showing Peter Pauko’s Work