Peter Kotka

United Kingdom

Peter initially trained as a toolmaker and only really started painting full time during the 1980’s. He took time to read about painters and their techniques and was inspired by the landscape paintings of John Constable. After some surprising success with a Gallery, and early commissioning of works which sold quickly, successful Exhibitions followed and his professional career had started. Peter explored different techniques and followed the detailed style such as that of Dutch Landscape painters of the 16th Century, Jacob van Ruysdael in particular. Royal Doulton also requested him to paint a series of designs for collector plates entitled ’Harvest Home’ and numerous card designs followed for Hallmark and Polytint. Peter decided to find a new challenge and direction and focused on perfecting ‘Still Life’ painting specialising in wine, which was also something he was starting to take a great interest in. He has developed a unique blend of working with both contemporary and traditional styles, colours and techniques, and this gives his paintings an individuality, detail and atmosphere.

Galleries Showing Peter Kotka’s Work

Artwork by Peter Kotka