Peggy Cozzi

United Kingdom

Abstract Conceptual Impressionist Surrealist Abstract (geometric)
Abstract Conceptual Impressionist Surrealist Abstract (geometric)

Peggy Cozzi experiments with colour and is endlessly fascinated by how it can transport us to such a variety of moods , memories and associations within the psyche . She makes abstract paintings , predominantly oil on canvas , with a focus on the interplay between gesture and colour , using loose , open , expressive mark making mediated through an experimental yet balanced and harmonising colour palette . Cozzi leverages the textural properties of pigments to fashion (ambiguous) spaces ; terrains unknown yet arrestingly familiar which seem to exist in both a physical and psychological realm . Peggy Cozzi’s paintings are distinctive for their dynamic sense of movement and unconstrained fluid possibility ; experimental yet carefully calibrated , vigorous gestures are played out against a soft and harmonising pallette referencing what she describes as "internal landscapes" - Artist Quote : “I am interested in how the medium of paint can evoke imaginative responses and psychological states ; images grow out of the process and my interaction with the materials , I follow a journey with the painting to a point where colour and mark begin to trigger emotive associations , where the paint appears at once tactile and concrete yet simultaneously having the potential for illusion and the capacity to draw on the unconscious .” Peggy Cozzi is an abstract painter based in Dorset. She studied Fine Art painting at Portsmouth Polytechnic and completed a Fine Art MA at the Arts University Bournemouth in 2014 . She has undertaken solo and collaborative exhibitions, residencies and curatorial projects in the UK .

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