Paul Wright

United Kingdom

Paul Wright was born in 1973, in Leicester. In 1995, he graduated with a degree in Illustration from Falmouth School of Art. Paul has since formed his own distinct style and gone on to exhibit internationally, including the India Arts Festival 2012 in Mumbai and The Russell Collection in Texas in 2010. Paul's works entice the viewers with their striking use of colour and their lively and vibrant brushstrokes. His works focus on an array of objects, figures and places infusing them all with his vibrant visual language. The painterly gestures both distort and shape the subject matters, giving the works a distinct energetic presence. He comments, "I have spent the last 15 years developing a painterly language through which I seek to capture a vitality beyond the establishment of a mere ‘likeness’ to the subject." Paul revels in the material qualities of oil on canvas in his lush, expressive, and often large-scale paintings. In keeping with the long history of his medium, he chooses to concentrate on such age-old subjects as still lifes, interior scenes, and portraits of friends and strangers.  Paul Wright is now a successful British artist with a recognised unique style which has earned him a place at the BP National Portrait Award on two occasions. Paul has received further awards from the National Gallery for the BP Award, with a second selection to the showcase in 2014, this time making the shortlist for the grand prize. 

Galleries Showing Paul Wright’s Work

Artwork by Paul Wright