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Paul Kavanagh



Paul Kavanagh was born in Liverpool in 1947.

The artist studied at Nottingham University. During the 1970’s and 1980’s he carried out a series of commercial and commissioned work for Vickerys Fine Arts, Folkestone and the Clare Gallery, Tunbridge Wells. A guide at the National Gallery, Paul has found time to paint exclusively at the Linda Blackstone Gallery since 1996.

In the last ten years a more individual style has been evolving. Inspiration has been drawn variously from the world of everyday, human relationships, and literary sources. In the work the artist aims to express human feelings and to assert human values.

Recent work has concentrated on the artist's permanent and long lived love affair with the city of artists - Paris. Paul's particular strength is in the depiction of light, used to create a sense of particular atmosphere - the light shining from inside the half-lit brasserie, seen from the rain-soaked streets late at night, or the light emanating from the warm cafe, condensation blurring the lettering on the glass front, all seen as though from the light drizzle reflecting under the street lamps in the evening light.

With the Linda Blackstone Gallery, the artist has exhibited at many prestigious art fairs both in the UK and abroad. All works are executed in oil on canvas.

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