Pasha Setrova

United Kingdom

Pasha Setrova gained acclaim in Russia for her work before immigrating to New York City in 2011. She is a sculptor and performance artist who creates moody storybook imagery in the 3-D form be it with resin, fabric, or with her own breath and body. Setrova creates figures that confound the mind with their sense of wonderment, fantasy, and charm that call out to us from a world of dark whimsy. Within the human form, Pasha Setrova finds beauty, mystery, and strangeness. With these discoveries, along with inspiration taken from modern day fashion, textiles, pop culture, her own nomadic childhood history in the Siberian tundra to her melancholic ambivalence towards her past career as a model in Europe, Pasha Setrova blends her eclectic experiences together, breathing life into exotic characters that seem to peer out from their frozen selves.

Galleries Showing Pasha Setrova’s Work

Artwork by Pasha Setrova