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Oddly Head



Making art, for Oddly Head, is first and foremost an act of personal catharsis, where positivity takes over as he engages in the act of creation.

Living in an era when the concept of recycling is key to anything approaching a sustainable future for our species, it feels apposite to re-use and repurpose existing imagery. Oddly listened to hip-hop most of his life and so that idea of making something fresh out of something old really chimes with him. Also, he loves the two disciplines involved in collage – the research and the arrangement. It’s all hugely time-consuming and thus hugely absorbing. Much of his work is a reaction to but, also facilitated by the overwhelming proliferation of images the internet continuously coughs up. The internet ushered in an age of instant gratification and unfettered choice.  

Oddly is as addicted as anyone and has became a rolling news obsessive. Apparently, reading the news can be toxic as it triggers the limbic system when upsetting stories spur the release of cascades of glucocorticoid. This deregulates your immune system and inhibits the release of growth hormones. In other words, your body finds itself in a state of chronic stress. Chronic stress has all sorts of negative side effects including fear, aggression, tunnel vision, and desensitization – all pretty good descriptors of Oddly's work…

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