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Niu Kai



Niu Kai (Henan, PR China, 1966) is a contemporary Chinese artist. Born the same year the Cultural Revolution was initiated, he lived through a time when most forms of free expression, including religion, were forbidden in China. Consequently, Niu Kai's work is significant for its place in the history of modern and contemporary Chinese art. 

Avoiding the propograndistic Cultural Revolution art that characterises much of Modern Chinese art, Niu Kai practiced a very traditional form of Ancient Chinese Art known as Shan Shui (mountains and rivers). Seeing the destructive impact that economic progress was having on the landscape, he decided to forego traditional watercolours and embrace modern abstraction and oil on canvas to communicate and expose this unfortunate reality. 

"To let go my dear old companions; my brush and water colours was a painful decision for me, like to divorce with a loyal and beautiful wife after co existing happily for so many years."

Niu Kai has now clearly embraced the abstract form still maintaining nature as his central theme, using a variety of exquisite shapes and forms informed by Shan Shui to create works  in oil on canvas. 

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