Nigel Bird

United Kingdom

Drawing is of vital importance to the development of Nigel Bird's artwork. Most of his work originates from elements of the landscape and the natural environment. The nature of the stimulus informs the method of making. Nigel makes studies of what objects and places look like and is particularly interested in recording aspects to do with scale, space, and geological features. "I like to be physically and actively involved in the mark making. I use a variety of black and white/monochrome media. Colour is, to me, a distraction. There are areas of land around where I live that have been physically divided into segments (mainly for the growing of vines), which had to involve some form of systematic method of measurement in order to achieve their geometric/mechanical design of layout. This is a method of composing, of planning and organizing which I have used in some of my drawings, where geometry and “systems” play a role."

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