Nicola Hyslop

United Kingdom

Nicola Hyslop Lives and works in Berkshire, she developed a career in the arts after leaving the corporate sector. Taking influence from all her unique life experiences Nicola's painting are bold and energetic. While talking about here work Nicola states: "I love how you can tell a story through each stroke and bead of colour. The painting should create intrigue and mystery rather than something quite obvious. I am a true believer that life is not a dress rehersal. If you have the chance to do what you really love, go for it'." Nicola's use of colour is influenced by the mood she was in while creating a piece, allowing each work to have a personal narrative. Every time Nicola Hyslop picks up a paintbrush, she has a new idea of how to translate the image into something beautiful. Nicola Hyslop's experience pieces tend to be more abstract and lively and her more impressionistic work tends to be more detailed and comparable. Colour, shape and movement influence all of her work. Intention, possibility and curiosity are at the heart of each of the artist's creations.

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Artwork by Nicola Hyslop