Nicola Grellier

United Kingdom

Nicola Grellier was born in Canada in 1966 and moved to London aged 1. She studied at Wimbledon and Chelsea Schools of Art in the mid-80s and lives in Stroud, Gloucestershire. She is studying MA Fine Art at UWE Bristol 2017-2020. Nicola makes drawings, collage, and objects with old technologies and low value, worn-out materials which counterbalance the speed and dehumanising rush of life. Deteriorating materials are imbued with data, demonstrating survival and decay with a material topography that mirrors their use. The slow and intensive labour of drawing, stitching, and gathering relate the past to the present, addressing a yearning for time to be slowed down and expanded. She employs mundane objects and materials as describers of human space such as clothing, chairs, room screens, brown paper, wool, discarded plastic, pill packets, and pencil to examine emotional states of vulnerability and confidence and the collision of body and consciousness.  In the current research project 365, small regularly made drawings and collage look at habits, acquired behaviours and patterns using a language of repeated marks or actions which show a longing for control whilst they embrace the possibility of failure. In their size and intimacy, they cross boundaries between the highly personal and common thought processes.

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