Nick Sherratt

United Kingdom

Nick Sherratt is a former Fellow in Painting, of Liverpool John Moores University, from where he received his BFA, who now works and lives in London. In 1996 he was Artist in Residence for BHP Petroleum, Point of Ayr, North Wales. Recent exhibitions include Wimbledon Art Studios Open Studios Art Show in 2013 and 2014 and Liverpool Love at Liverpool World Museum (part of Liverpool Biennial) in 2014. 'I make art for myself. I draw from my life and the resulting work is full of memories, dinosaurs, bits of family, ice-cream vans, science fiction and nostalgia, taking cast offs and detritus and creating something beautiful and meaningful out of the ugly and meaningless, as eclectic and diverse as a sideshow with nothing to hide, no pretentious proclivities or verbal overshadowing. The message, if any, is simple – embrace life and all it throws at you because it is full of Magic. You just have to look for it.' - Nick Sherratt

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