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Tagger, graffiti artist, Nebay's environment is the urban landscape and the canvas he creates in his studio. Since 1987, he is an active member of the JCT collective (Je Cours Toujours!).

In 2002, he traveled to Russia, Mongolia, China, and learnt his practice in other continents through different cultures. In 2005 in Paris, he started taking brands and slogans advertising posters, including luxury ones, and transforming them into humorous creations. His interventions mark the urban space with social messages and the incongruous print he gives to some of his creations.

Nebay utilises a technique dear to Pollock, he borrowed the famous "dripping", flops, blocks, tags, accumulations are all techniques used by the artist. The work of Nebay is characterised by a singular energy, both dense and bright, his paintings are hymns to colour.

Recognised artist of the French Street Art, he becomes in turn precursor of his generation; his works are today part of large private collections.

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