Nathalie Kingdon

United Kingdom


Nathalie Kingdon is a French-born, London-based printmaker who specialises in original screen printed Art and has been working from her own bespoke studio at Wimbledon Art Studios for four years. She works from images collated from various sources of inspiration, with a propensity for the South of France, where she comes from. Nathalie transforms and enhances imagery with an acute sense of colour, exploring the juxtaposition between shape and form and reconsidering proportion and perspective. She is most interested in reimagining the narratives of images through the medium of her prints; narratives that organically evolve through her instinctive and playful approach. She has most recently been experimenting with digitally manipulated and printed images, which complements her traditional methods of screen printing. Nathalie is also available for commissioned work.

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Artwork by Nathalie Kingdon