Nathalie Deland



Artist Statement:  I paint to express myself freely, and to expose who I really am in a process of self-acceptance. My work begins spontaneously, and evolves intuitively without much conscious control. Trusting myself and trusting what needs to be expressed in this process allows confidence in my creativity. The meaning of my paintings often becomes clear to me upon their completion. Once the painting is completed, I can see a reflection of my emotions, and the circumstances of my life during the process of its creation. My intention is to build the relationship between my art and my emotions as a form of true expression. My background in psychotherapy validates my understanding that the transformation in my artwork is an expression of the transformation within myself. Cycles, femininity, harmony, and infinity are themes found within the circular and elliptical forms of my black and white work. I surround myself with only the essentials to create harmony and serenity in my life as well as in my artwork. Creating beauty with less allows more physical and mental space for growth.

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