Natasha Heidler

United Kingdom

Heidler's seductive images are a playful collection of contradictions. Ghostly outlines collide with vibrant colours. Their black backgrounds give them the appearance of neon signs lost in the night sky; the casinos or hotels they may have once belonged to, long gone. Key motifs are recognisable yet surreal: dice represent chance, yet they spell out the work love - it's a gamble we all take. The cowboy, archetype of the all-American hero is shown with a skeletal face, black holes for eyes, lost and with no direction. Perhaps his luck has run out. The gun appears glass-like and fragile. The feathers and lacy knickersare sensual yet ethereal. But what ties all of these pieces together is a combination of desire and danger. Hypnotically curious in both content and technique, viewers find themselves pleasantly puzzled. Heidler has developed her own dichromatic technique resulting in something which is neither a straight forward photograph nor photogram, This special dark room process which she has cultivated confounds and intrigues both art lovers and photographers alike.

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Artwork by Natasha Heidler