Myriam Louvel Paoli



Lives and works in Isle sur la Sorgue Expo: salon mac2000 in Paris (2012/13/14), Lille Art Up 2019 and different galleries "At the exact crossroads of the thread / fragile / and iron / solid /, Myriam Louvel's work explores lightness, rigor and poetry. The artist gives rigid matter flexibility and unsuspected expression. A trait ? A volume ? It is according to ... .According to the meanderings of the black line that takes shape in the space or as the eye sinks in the heart of vibratory planes. There is a muddle and at the same time, a construction. Diving inside this work induced to the vertigo of an infinite suggested. Lionelle Courbet,Vit et travaille à Isle sur la Sorgue

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Artwork by Myriam Louvel Paoli