Myriam Bourianne



Since I was 17 I have worked with children to awaken them to the art and exploration of matter and materials. My work is exhibited in different art galleries in France and Morocco I participated in an artistic residency in 2018 in Marrakech invited by the BCK gallery. I have always worked on portraits of children, then of adolescents and finally of young women. Over the time their faces have matured with me, naivety and colors have remained and looks have enriched and acquired more radiance. My approach speaks of the world of today and my vision for tomorrow. My faces look at the world with their big naive eyes, those of childhood, soft, fragile and happy. .... if tomorrow the world was beautiful .... if tomorrow the world was mixed. .... if tomorrow the world looked with my eyes ... if tomorrow the world remained a child .... if tomorrow the world invited us to discover our part of the imagination.

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Artwork by Myriam Bourianne