Monika Radhoff-Troll

United Kingdom

Monika Radhoff-Troll’s work is primarily specialized and focused on installations, objects and photography. She creates installations, as her artistic vision is influenced by political and ecological concerns. While not desiring to confront the viewer with a horrific real-life scenario, nevertheless she wants to disturb viewers and heighten their sensibility by building alienated, distorted situations, pseudoscientific assemblages and installations with recycled material. Monika studied art and textile design at RWTH Aachen / Fakultät VIII from 1978-83. Since 1987 she’s working as an artist in Aachen. Work in public ownership are at Sparkasse Gelsenkirchen, Stadt Lohmar and Buxtehude, Kangaeru-Shirou kan Kawauchi mura, Fukushima, Japan and have been as a loan for four years at The Washington Post, Washington D.C., U.S.A.

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Artwork by Monika Radhoff-Troll