MK Semos & Hugo Garcia

United Kingdom

Working primarily in reclaimed substrates and materials, MK Semos + Hugo Garcia unify image and form along with a strong message in their latest Sin Limite. The photography work created by MK Semos and Hugo Garcia in this collaborative exhibition is also an ongoing body of work and visual interpretation of an urban landscape, from Mexico and other cities around the globe, as places of inner experience. The imagery is initially created by Semos, who utilizes a manual, very basic Holga film camera, allowing her to create and manufacture intuitive collages of composition inside the camera by overlapping frames and double exposing the film. Later, after processing the film, “story boards” are chosen from her lengthy narrative of images, signs, pop-color, and surprise code. The work is taken to another level with the collaborative effort of Garcia, as he experiments with different un-orthodox substrates and photographic finishes. The imagery is integrated with reclaimed hardwood floors in this case, allowing the viewer to experience the grains and truest colors of the wood; the quality of the wood becoming part of the image composition. The reclaimed hardwood is also reminiscent of the high foot-traffic imagery that the viewer can see in the artwork itself.

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Artwork by MK Semos & Hugo Garcia