Minas Halaj

United Kingdom

Minas Halaj graduated from University of Fine Arts, Yerevan, Armenia in 2002. He moved to the United States of America in the same year and studied in 2004 at the University of Art, San Francisco USA. Minas' work has been collected by a number of museums around the world including the Mark Rothko Art Centre Daugavpils, Latvian and Mākslas  museums, Latvia, Bakersfield Museum Of Art. His beautifully intricate art has been featured in nearly 50 contemporary art exhibits around the world, with many pieces joining high-profile international collections such as Morgan Stanley Headquarters New York, NY, Sony Music Headquarters Beverly Hills, California, PepsiCo Company Collection, Dubai, UAE, and Princess Anita Of Hohenberg Collection Vienna, Austria. The Floral Minds collection is vibrant and reminiscent of the old masters. Of this ongoing body of work Minas has said: "The concept of beauty is a burdened one. We are living in a society that fears its adoration in contemporary art, yet intimidates its women into accepting it as their highest value. We have degraded it in mass media and the celebrity yet revere it above all other qualities of life. Beauty is a double edged sword an instrument of seduction and inaccessibility burdened sword an overwhelming distrust in the simple sensation of pleasure." ARTIST STATEMENT "I was born in an artistic family and grew up dreaming only about art and creating my own art world. I always remember myself drawing, experiencing, exploring. I work with various materials such as recycled, old, vintage clothes , textiles. I would not label or name any particular style for my artworks. I only paint not thinking about style. My motivation is the nature, people , kind relationships. You work for your joy and I think that is the key of the happiness. During my international show I like traveling and discover new cultures and artists. You can discuss and argue about art forever. To me, everything is abstract and interchangeable. It’s all about how you look at things. I love light, life, shadow, line, and color, where the world of an artist begins, trying to sink into art, being drawn into emotion. It helps me to understand the tragedy and the happiness of the reality of life itself. I consider myself the luckiest of all to have been given the gift of creation and I live and work through the appreciation of divinity of art.”

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