Mihail Dinisiuc

Moldova, Republic of


Study, reflection and dreams are all I need to create new works.

Mihail Dinisiuc was born in Moldova in 1989. From 2003-2009, he attended the Academic Lyceum of Fine Arts “Igor Vieru” in Chișinău where an in-depth study of the human figure and anatomy had a lasting impact on his technique and style. Dinisiuc went on to earn a degree in painting from the city’s Academy of Music, Theater and Fine Arts where he completed a fresco for the institution’s permanent collection. Dinisiuc also studied under Iurie Matei, considered one of his country’s greatest artists, and this period stimulated his interest in surrealism and symbolism. In 2014, Dinisiuc moved to Italy and subsequently gained a diploma in Graphic Art from the Academy of Fine Arts in Rome. Dinisiuc’s oil paintings in the neo-Academic style are almost three-dimensional, his figures erotic and heroic, the realism and detail employed in the depiction of his subjects’ flesh and muscle remarkable. The artist’s technical skill has already brought him to the notice of art critics and collectors in Italy and abroad and in 2019, the MEAM (European Museum of Modern Art) in Barcelona acquired one of his major works for its permanent collection.

Galleries Showing Mihail Dinisiuc’s Work

Artwork by Mihail Dinisiuc