Michelle McKinney

United Kingdom

Michelle McKinney graduated from The University of Central England in Silversmithing and Jewellery Design with first-class honours in 1998. Michelle exhibits in England and Scotland, with an increasing number of site specific placements. Recent projects include a public commission for the Royal Albert Museum, Exeter and a private commission for the Dorchester Hotel Group. Her work has been exhibited regularly at Affordable Art Fair, Battersea, UK as well as being selected for Affordable Art Fairs Stockholm and New York in recent years. She works with exceptionally fine woven metals, including stainless steel and brass. The unusual translucency of these materials brings a very ethereal quality to her work. Each tiny piece of metal is hand cut and manipulated, layer by layer, to create a very unique multi-dimensional work. Her practice is inspired by the elegance and fragility of the natural world. Her choice of subject matter deliberately contrasts with the materials used in her work. The movement of hundreds of delicate butterfly wings or falling leaves is conversely depicted in materials renowned for their strength and durability.

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Artwork by Michelle McKinney