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Michal Lukasiewicz



Michael Lukasiewicz was born in Pulawy, Poland in 1974 but has been living and working in Antwerp for over 15 years.

he portrays his subjects with the tenderness and warm sensuality of the High Renaissance, combined with the vibrancy of Pop art in his use of bright colours. Working primarily in acrylic on a gesso ground, his works are almost monochrome, if not for the patches and shades of off-white, ochre, sienna, pink, greys, and neon oranges and yellows. The off-white in his paintings comes entirely from his use of gesso; he works with his canvas on the wall or floor to give him a firm surface to rub through the thin layers of acrylic to the gesso beneath. Despite the contemporary expressiveness of his palette, his nude subjects, mostly women, have a mysteriously quiet nature about them that recalls famous figures in art like Leonardo’s “Mona Lisa”, or Vermeer’s “Girl with a Pearl Earring”.

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