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Melanie Bellis



London based artist Melanie Bellis draws outdoors at locations in the heart of the city and then develops her drawings into atmospheric etchings. The intensity of etching as a process and the possible marks she can achieve lends itself to her urban subject matter.

Her work is inspired by buildings and urban scenes, and her most recent work focuses on large scale construction projects which are in no shortage in the city. Melanie works from observation; she then develops the drawings she has made on-site into etchings. The underlying theme in her work is change; she is drawn to buildings that are unfinished and in a state of flux. She finds buildings under construction visually dynamic and enjoys capturing structures as they develop.

The process of etching is essential to Melanie’s work. She works on the etching plate using a range of specific techniques that build the image in layers, adding and re-working allowed with etching let her capture the minute details of the giant structures. The process means she can achieve intense line and tonal contrast. The final image has a sense of impact, presence and place, recording a point-in-time before the building is finished and takes on its final form.

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