Max Naylor

United Kingdom

Max Naylor’s drawings explore the relationship between external and internal spaces through a mixture of imagery made from memory and imagination. On this body of work he says,“My visual memory is full of landscapes that are an invaluable resource when making work, I sometimes try to accurately represent a remembered view or take component parts to construct an imagined place. This seems to me a very natural process, the act of picking up a pen and marking out a skyline becomes almost an unconscious one.” The use of differing levels of intensity is important in the images Max creates, both in terms of mark making and of decision making. He attempts to balance close detail and planned composition with expressive doodling and more instinctive artistic choices. “I aim to try and evoke a sense of mystery, a glimpse into an internal world as in that tantalising moment we sometimes experience when we fall asleep, when tangible conscious thought, almost imperceptibly warps and shifts. Ideas somehow take on shape and form as we are delivered to the subconscious inner world, a place strange and unknowable yet so familiar.” Max has made a drawing device that enables him to produce long scroll-drawings whilst traveling, the idea is to create a continuous visual diary. He has used it to illustrate a journey across North America as well as to document the nine months he spent in Berlin.