Matthieu Venot


Abstract (geometric) Contemporary
Abstract (geometric) Contemporary

Matthieu Venot (b.1979) was born in Brest, France. Studied sound engineer and worked in the world of music. With a passion to create, VENOT extends his imaginations and joined the world of photography at the age of 35. VENOT started with a strong desire to rediscover his town of origin, Brest in Brittany, he captures his home town from his own perspective, and fuses his love for photography through the lens/expression of a camera. This shows well in his series of Firework, Ground Loop, Ain't Got No Troubles, Prism, Who Want Sky, Safer and his latest series – Illusion. Since 2014, VENOT has focused on developing his own photographic language. Focusing his lens on architectural details and adopting constructive angles, VENOT advances and enjoys in creating abstract geometric images. He only photographs when the weather is incredibly good—VENOT uses the immaculate sky as the background of a studio. His daring way manages to maintain and enrich the composition of his pictures in a simple, geometric and graphic way; he blends the nature and the environment into his photographs instinctively. Lines cross over and overlap. shapes stand out from the nature’s blue background, and making us to forget what we are observing… a roof, a wall, a railing, a balcony... VENOT leads us to blend into the infinite world of color. The French fine art photographer uses the blue sky to enhance the nature of colours. Colour is, in fact, of the utmost importance in VENOT's photography. Excluding the Brittany greyness, VERNOT transforms Brest with dancing colours… the artist helps us to capture the wonderful moment that we missed. According to the artist, the choice of colours is a way of transmitting his love towards his home town and towards nature. VENOT leads viewers to embrace nature at all time. • 2018 Collaboration with GQ Style Fall Issue • 2017 Collaboration with Huawei on <building> theme competition on Instagram • 2017 Digital Influencer on FRED Paris launching new shop in Cannes • 2017 Summer campaign for Eastpack • 2017 Mosco International Foto Award, Architectural/ Industrial, Silver • 2016 International Photography Awards – Industrial - Honorable Mention • Gram Awards – Art, Architecture & Design

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