Matthew Shutt

United Kingdom


“My style is aesthetically realistic from afar yet an abstraction from close up. I reference Superheroes as a form of escapism in connection to my childhood and memories from my children’s too. I interweave the characters in various guises, into my immediate environment, which in turn connects to the present day and touches personal issues in relation to my own current state of mind.''

Matthew was born and still lives in Barnsley, South Yorkshire. He has been drawing in a realistic way his whole life, but only took up Hyperrealist painting since attending the University of Huddersfield in 2007 where he stumbled upon a book by legendary Photorealist ‘Chuck Close’ and since then became transfixed by the whole genre. Since graduating (with a first class honours degree) in 2010, he started painting full time but a physical injury to his back and various bouts of mental health problems slowed him down. It wasn’t until he finally got the confidence to contact ‘the Bowery’ in Leeds , in 2017 that he finally got his first exhibition and a great platform to start his art career. After a well-received 1st exhibition he has since been contacted by a well respected International Art magazine to feature his artwork and has his second exhibition upcoming in May this year at ‘the Art House’ in Sheffield. His work references Marvel superheroes and everyday objects including his books, which take pride of place in his studio- these features heavily in the background of most of his work and are symbolic of his passion for the ‘Realism Genre’.

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Artwork by Matthew Shutt