Maryline Lemaitre



Maryline Lemaitre was born in France and lived in Asia for nearly a decade before moving to Canada in 2001. In her paintings, Lemaitre accumulates layers of materials, and then glues, scratches, removes, returns, delivers, controls and flattens them, chanting a memorandum to the pallet or stencil. These elements are re-visited in large strokes with a brush or old credit card until she achieves the pictorial density that is her signature. Hers is an intuitive process inspired by a picture, a pattern, some words or a special piece of original old writing which could be the key to define a theme and begin a series. Topics vary over time, because they are inspired by her everyday life, by her memory, or are the expression of her unconscious. Lemaitre has participated in many solo and group exhibitions worldwide. Her works have been used as cover illustrations for two books published in Canada. Her paintings belong to the Cirque du Soleil collection, and to many corporate and private collections in the US, Canada, France, Hong Kong, Singapore and Shanghai.

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Artwork by Maryline Lemaitre