Mark Petty

United Kingdom

Figurative Contemporary Illustrative Modernist
Figurative Contemporary Illustrative Modernist


Mark Petty is half Irish, half English, London-born and London-based self-taught image maker and artist. No pretences, no airs and indeed no graces. Addicted to the visual with a staunch creative curiosity, easy-going and down-to-earth attitude. Specialising in Hand-pulled screen prints, reverse glass gold gilding with hand painting & hand applied Diamond dust/gold leaf featuring heavily. Steeped in contemporary pop art and saturated by the culture we live in, Always work-in-progress. All Mark’s work is emotional to him, none more so than the ‘Ocean Life, Limited Edition’ series. Being a diver with his Padi, a surfer, kiteboarder and generally looking to always be in the ocean, Petty has made this work entirely of recycled material or up-cycled waste plastic, which, comes straight from his heart. Can art be a vehicle to encourage positive change? Can you up-cycle waste plastic whilst making art you’d want on your walls? Petty believes you can, but please have a look for yourself. Art that will be a timeless reminder to look after our oceans. Ageless, with a positive anti-pollution message whilst upcycling waste plastic. Frames are made with neutralising the carbon for every frame made. Resin and paint pots all gets blended and used in the art piece—sustainable art whilst giving back. A portion of every sale goes towards the ‘Surfers against Sewage’ charity Art that makes you hope that one day we’ll look back and think, “Remember when we used to chuck plastic in our oceans...”.

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