Mark Mackinnon

United States

"There is not one of us who is not responsible to some degree for making or marring the landscape of our world. Whenever this human control over the land and the objects upon it is influenced by desire to make the resulting landscape more enjoyable than it would otherwise be, an element of artistry enters, which often attains the quality of a Fine Art. Mark Mackinnon strives to include the marking of man’s intrusion into the landscape, capturing the resulting artistry and how he or his doings relates to the overall picture. Mark has further developed a unique perspective imagery that focuses on objects in a similar way as the human brain sees them in isolation. Depth of field vision adds dimension and simplicity. Mark shoots his pictures with Hasselblad and Sony digital cameras before using editing software that in some cases uses multiple images to create the final artwork. The resulting photograph is then printed with archival inks on 100% cotton paper in editions of 25.

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Artwork by Mark Mackinnon