Mark Beesley

United Kingdom

Mark Beesley is a solicitor turned illustrator, teacher and painter. He live and works in Woodbridge, Suffolk. Since 1990, Mark has held solo and group exhibitions all across the UK. Artist's statement: "My work is figurative, but drawn from the imagination as much as from my surroundings. My main interest is landscape, but it is a particular aspect of the landscape that interests me; the balance between the natural and artificial, the effect that the imposition of man-made structures has on our natural surroundings. This is particularly evident in the East Anglian landscape. Man’s additions to and rearrangements of the countryside may not always look harmonious or picturesque, but they have a reason to be there and a strong visual impact. Most of my pictures are not views of actual places, instead they are put together from various elements that I have seen at different times and in different places; buildings, landscapes, effects of light, figures and events. I try to express the incongruous, sometimes disturbing quality of these images and their abstract forms. I work in oils and watercolour, and also use pastel for working outdoors".

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