Marie-Eve Proteau



Marie-Eve Proteau is a Canadian artist living in Austria. After exploring her work as a painter on various unconventional supports, she's now focusing on her first twisted love, acrylic on canvas. An iconic feminine theme prevails in her paintings in a form of surrealist portraits where the emotions are implicitly drawn from the complexity of a relationship between two people; expectation, worry, obsession, secret, domination, soulmate affection.  The translucent textures are in contradiction with some more disturbing and darker allusions. The esthetic of the characters are at first, often soft, fragile even pleasant, but always the shelter of a darker allusion. The contrast between strength & fragility, beauty & uniqueness is an important aspect of her artistic approach. She completed her Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree at the Université Laval in Quebec and her paintings were presented in, Canada, United States, Japan, Hong Kong, Austria and Switzerland.

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Artwork by Marie-Eve Proteau