Marie Boyle

United Kingdom

Marie was born in France 1966. She studied graphic design in Paris (E.S.A.M) and worked in advertising for a time before moving to Oxford. She took up painting under the tuition of Prue Pardue RA, and the St Ives School of Art. She also has a strong interest in photography and ceramics. She is a member of the Oxford Art Society and associate member of the Penwith Gallery in St Ives. ​ "My inspiration comes from things observed, but I paint mostly from memory. I am interested in the evolving relationship between shapes, colours and texture. The subject vary, I enjoy playing with the compositional and material elements of a painting until they resolve themselves in ways that are difficult to predict. I love what is often called "primitive" art for it simple eloquence. As a child, I wanted to discover a new colour; never seen before. I don't know if it will ever happen! I like the japanese "Wabi Sabi" philosophy, the beauty in imperfection. The layers, the rhythm, the accident and the suggestion, all have their place. Each picture should become a visual poem."

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