Manny Woodard

United Kingdom


Manny lives and works in Surrey where she makes beautiful, soulful, subtle, pieces of art. She has spent much of her working life retouching artwork and stencil making for a leading Fine Art publisher. It was as she became older and wiser that she made the decision to make art that was her own. Her pieces do not rely on superficially attractive subject matter, but are more concerned with the subtle interplay of people and their relationship to others. Her sculptures are of ordinary people; however, these works are executed with a humanity that exudes an innate sense of beauty and integrity. Some figures stand alone; feet planted solidly on the ground, as though their intention is to stand on that spot forever. Other pieces are of couples, bodies lightly touching, their forms merging into each other. More recently she has made sculptures of horses in the same gentle manner.

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Artwork by Manny Woodard